At MONtREAL MOVING we understand that commercial moving is a specialized field, and
that the success of any relocation ultimately depends on the experience and level of
commitment on the part of the movers. Our experienced staff will make your move as
stress-free and comfortable as possible.

MONtREAL MOVING will perform your move within your requested time frame. We are fully
aware of the many factors involved in selecting a moving date, such as lease expiration,
work schedule, restrictions of buildings' management. That is why we give great attention to
our customers' moving time requirements. Some furniture and equipment require
disassembly for safe moving. Our movers are experts at dismounting and remounting items
such as tables, armoires, desks, etc. All items our movers have disassembled for you will be
quickly assembled upon reaching their destination.

At MONtREAL MOVING we work with you to complete your relocation as efficiently and cost
effectively as possible. Our business is moving your business.